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Before retiring, Justin was the Head of Research and Insight at the UK’s statutory consumer champion, Citizens Advice. 

Justin remains committed to representing consumers and protecting their rights. He has been authorised by the Tribunal as class representative to represent rail users who he believes have been overcharged by a number of rail companies. This case is proceeding to a full trial where, with the help of Charles Lyndon, he will argue that millions of rail users should be compensated.

Justin is also the authorised class representative against Apple, arguing that the technology giant intentionally throttled some of the iPhone models, and that millions of Apple customers should be compensated. 

Justin is now applying to the Tribunal to represent all members of the proposed classes who entered into at least one Combined Handset and Airtime Contract with the Proposed Defendants under the following brands:

•    In the claim against in the claim against Vodafone: the “Vodafone” brand;  
•    in the claim against EE: the “EE”, “Orange” or “T mobile” brands;
•    in the claim against Three: the “Three” brand; and 
•    in the claim against O2: the “O2” brand.

If successful, eligible members of the approved class may be entitled to compensation.

Charles Lyndon

Charles Lyndon is a litigation firm based in London. Charles Lyndon’s specialist litigation lawyers are experienced in representing claimants in high profile claims before the Tribunal. They have acted in a broad range of class action and competition law cases and have been at the forefront of the collective proceedings regime. 

For more information about Charles Lyndon, you can view their website here.

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